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Advertising positioning and Web Terminology

CPM - Cost per thousand impressions.


Run of Site (ROS) - Maximum reach. ROS advertisers give you the major bang for your buck. Your ads will rotate throughout the Web site to increase your company's brand awareness. Available in Skyscrapers, Leaderboards, Large Squares, Vertical Banners, Horizontal Banners, 2 Small Square spots.

Sponsorships - (Brought to you by)
Maximum visibility, occupy a premier position on a section with a fixed ad that will not rotate with other advertisers. Price varies by section.

Brick Ads - Focused message. Advertising in sections related to your business is a great way to target the people most interested in your product or service. Brick ads will run on section or subsections. (NOT ON HOMEPAGE)

Limited Run Campaigns - If you just want to advertise an upcoming sale, we can limit your ad to less than a 10K impressions. Whether it is a limited run of one week, just a weekend, or even a single day!

Advertising Policies

Tobacco and alcoholic beverage advertising accepted. Advertising simulating news will carry the words "Paid Advertisement." mySSnews.com does not knowingly accept ads of a fraudulent, misleading, controversial or discriminatory nature and publisher reserves the right to cancel or reject any advertisement at any time.

No credit extended to new accounts for a period of at least thirty days.

Businesses that do not have a permanent place of business in this market but will be doing business on a temporary basis in this area are required to pay in advance. All political advertising must be paid in advance.


Proofs will be shown when requested on advertisements submitted 48 hours prior to launch. Advertisements received after the 48-hour deadline- if accepted- relieves mySSnews.com of the responsibility for proofing and of any errors therein.
Proofs are meant for checking prices, grammar, and corrections in artwork, not for rewrite or redesign.


Ads must be scheduled by 5pm, two days prior to ad start date.
*Excluding: Video Ads where production time may take longer.

Ad Formats

We accept the following ad formats: .jpg, .gif and .swf. The ads should be no larger than 50 Kb and be the proper size and at 72dpi. All online ads are RGB color.

Video ads must not exceed 30 seconds.

The flash frame rate must be less than 18 frames per second;
twelve frames per second is preferred.

All advertising content must be clearly differentiated from
editorial content.

mySSnews.com reserves the right to reject any ads.

ROS pricing

Small Square

Quantity CPM Rate
10,000 - 49,999 $7.50
50,000 - 149,999 $7.00
150,000 - 299,999 $6.50
300,000 - greater $6.00

Vertical and Horizontal Banners

Quantity CPM Rate
10,000 - 49,999 $10.50
50,000 - 149,999 $10.00
150,000 - 299,999 $9.00
300,000 - greater $8.00


Quantity CPM Rate
10,000 - 49,999 $11.50
50,000 - 149,999 $11.00
150,000 - 299,999 $10.00
300,000 - greater $9.00

Large Square

Quantity CPM Rate
10,000 - 49,999 $12.50
50,000 - 149,999 $12.00
150,000 - 299,999 $11.00
300,000 - greater $10.00


Quantity CPM Rate
10,000 - 49,999 $15.50
50,000 - 149,999 $15.00
150,000 - 299,999 $14.00
300,000 - greater $13.00

Brick Ads -

Will be located in the body of content in a section or if you want in a story it will run in a subsection.

Large Square Brick ads

$120.00/mo $100.00/mo $80.00/mo

Micro Bars are brick ads that are only on the homepage for $5.00 cpm

Video ad pricing:

Home page (preceding video) $15.00 cpm

Video Brick (will only run in one section) $12.00 cpm

Video Production prices will vary (hourly charge).

Animated Ad pricing: $2.00 cpm more

Preset ads (whether it is animated or not): $2.00 cpm less

Sponsorship prices:

  • Leaderboard style- $200.00/month
  • Page Push- $600.00/month
  • Any other size: call for a quote

Limited Run pricing:

Page Push-$349.00/ day
Page Curl- $349.00/day
Micro Bars- $10.00/day, $25.00/ 3days, $50.00/ 7days


Example: A veterinarian does a vet advice column, this ad would be a brick content ad only on pet page. The same can be done for Doctors, Mechanics, etc.


1-3 months: $140.00/mo
3-6 months: $120.00/mo
6-12 months: $100.00/mo

Web Page Design and Maintenance

We can design a mini web page for you for as low as $200.00. This solution is perfect for the businesses that do not currently have an online presence. So, even if you do not have a website, there is no reason to wait. Our internet experts will help you design graphics and prepare the text for your mini site. The mini site can link from a banner ad. Once the ad quits running, we no longer manage the website, however we can continue to host it for a set price. *Rates subject to availability


mySSnews.com will not be responsible for claims resulting from a typographical error beyond the cost of the space involved and affected by the error. The website shall accept no liability for its failure for any reason to insert an advertisement. When proofs are submitted, the advertiser assumes all responsibility for any errors in the ad that may have been over-looked. Corrections will be made when specified on proofs.The advertiser assumes full and complete responsibility for advertising content that is published. The advertiser shall indemnify and save the publisher harmless against any demands, claims or liability arising from the publication of said advertising. The advertiser shall reimburse the publisher in settlement of claims or in satisfaction of judgments obtained by reasons of the publication of such advertising copy together with all expenses incurred in connection therewith, including, but not limited to, attorney's fees and cost of litigation.




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